Travis Luckhurst



Owner and Tattoo Artist

I’ve been an artist ever since I can remember, and I have been tattooing for over ten years. It started with comic book art. I saw my first tattoo on someone’s body when I was 8 years old and was surprised and floored that art could be placed permanently on someone’s body.

Flash forward to when I was 22, I moved to Washington State to help my dad get off meth. We were poor, so I started drawing up “tattoo flash” I was going to sell to tattoo shops - an immediate way to make money with my art. Many shops turned me down, and then after a bunch of no’s, the final shop offered me a short lived apprenticeship in exchange for some of my sheets of flash.

That apprenticeship lasted only a couple months because I couldn't afford it. Working odd jobs was how I survived. I bought my first old school tattoo set up including a tattoo machine, power supply, needles, and a one four flat tube. As soon as I made those first tattoos, I had a line out of my trailer door.

Fast forward 18 years and I’m still tattooing! I opened Axiom Tattoo in 2018 and have truly found my happiness owning and operating this tattoo shop.

Tattoo Style

New School and Black and Grey Floral 

Tattoo Minimum


First Tattoo

Wu Tang Symbol with skulls

Song on Repeat

"I Don't Want to Wait in Vain" by Bob Marley

Guilty Pleasure

Sugar and caffeine