Tattoo Artist

Born and raised in San Diego, Camryn's early exposure to the city's vibrant art scene ignited her creative spark. Her journey into tattooing began over a year ago when she decided to turn her artistic talents into a career that allows her to leave a lasting mark on her clients' lives. As a tattoo artist, Camryn specializes in crafting ornamental and intricate tiny tattoos. 

In her spare time, Camryn loves advocating for animal rights and singing to Mamma Mia. With a warm and approachable personality, Camryn makes her clients feel at ease during the tattooing process.

Tattoo Style

Ornamental or tiny tattoos!

Tattoo Minimum


Song on Repeat

The Mamma Mia soundtrack

Guilty Pleasure

Anything True Crime



First Tattoo

A cute little sushi roll on my coworker Wattana!