Tattoo Artist

I love doing art. I studied Graphic Design in my hometown Puebla, Mexico but I focus mostly on illustration. My favorite forms of art are drawing, embroidery, and tattooing. In 2018, I started a sustainable clothing line called Popular Jamás where I would do embroidery interventions on secondhand garments that I call “tattoos on clothes”. In 2019, I decided to buy a tattoo gun and started practicing on myself and friends at home. In 2020, I got the opportunity to be an apprentice with Erikatrina, one of the best Tattoo Artists in Mexico. Today, I’m sharing my art at this beautiful shop Axiom Tattoo.
I love doing my own designs but I’m open to work with your ideas too!

Tattoo Style

Fine line / ignorant style

Tattoo Minimum


Song on Repeat

"The Pot" - Tool



First Tattoo

Lis flower on my back