Tattoo Artist

I have been drawing my whole life, particularly animals and plants. I am inspired by the power of the natural world. Whether observing the ocean or atmosphere, mountains or desert, I find myself drawing, wanting to capture the essence of what I feel in that place. Every flower and leaf has a personality, every animal an expression and beauty that captivates me. I journeyed from drawing to painting, printmaking, ceramics, and eventually to tattooing and I feel this is what I was meant to do. I’m fulfilled being a part of a timeless tradition to transform people into their true expressions of themselves. I learned first the traditional stick and poke method of tattooing in Seattle WA, which I practiced for years before finishing an apprenticeship in Bend OR, and I have been a tattoo artist full time ever since. San Diego CA, has been in incredible place to continue working on my skills and meet new people who appreciate nature and art like I do. 

Tattoo Style

Neotraditional, Black and Grey, nature and fantasy

Tattoo Minimum


Song on Repeat

Led Zeppelin The Rain Song



First Tattoo

A sand dollar on my back. 

guilty pleasure

Buying another plant from the nursery