We're so stoked that you're considering Axiom for your first (or next!) tattoo! We also realize you may have a lot of questions, and good news - we've got you covered. Check out our FAQ's below - or call, text, email, or stop by anytime!

All appointments require a deposit, which will go towards the final payment for your tattoo. Send us your ideas to receive a quote! All tattoos are lifelong decisions, so we encourage a discussion between you and your tattoo artist. Schedule yours today! We can't wait to meet you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long until I do submerged water activities again?

A minimum of 4 weeks.

How long does it take a tattoo to heal?

7-10 days surface healing, 4-6 weeks total healing.

When can I start tanning again after a tattoo?

A minimum of 4 weeks.

How should I prepare for getting tattooed?

Take a shower, leave your kids at home, bring your ID, bring cash if applicable, eat healthy food before your tattoo.

Is getting a tattoo safe?

Absolutely. We follow every safety precaution to ensure that our equipment is sterile. 

I want my first tattoo on my ribs, what do you think?

Ribs can be painful, for first tattoos we recommend the upper arm.  

Still have questions?

We'd love to help!  Click the button below to schedule a consult where we can chat through anything you might need.