Wattana the Wise

Tattoo Artist

Wattana is a refugee of war. He creates art to bless people with world peace. His artistic journey started off scribbling on walls in his adolescent years. Later on his teenage years he discovered that you can legitimately make a living creating art.

And thus the pursuit of living the artist life began. His professional art career has encompassed 15 years of teaching art the college level, teaching illustration workshops in Berlin, Germany, and Arequipa, Peru. Currently he works full time as a tattoo artist and children’s book illustrator.

Tattoo Style

Psychedelic Animated Gestures

Tattoo Minimum


Song on Repeat

“All Along the Watchtower” by Jimi Hendrix

Guilty Pleasure

Telling morbidly horrible jokes whilst tattooing.



First Tattoo

A page of my sketchbook gesture drawings on my friends leg in Stockholm, Sweden.