Tattoo Artist

I’ve been doing various forms of art ever since I came out of the womb. All my life growing up I felt like a black sheep in a family full of kids who got praised for being in 3 different sports, meanwhile i just enjoyed being locked in my room, reading, painting, drawing, etc.

I got a little tattoo kit that year, and started tattooing myself and friends out of my dad’s living room until I turned 18 and could finally start a professional apprenticeship.  I’m incredibly grateful to have found Axiom and to finally be working in such an amazing, welcoming, and safe environment. And i’m even more thankful to every single one of my clients for allowing me to decorate their skin, and to be able to do what i LOVE every single day!!!!<333

Tattoo Style

Dainty cutesy & whimsical!!

Tattoo Minimum


First Tattoo

My star outline on my
 inner arm!

Song on Repeat

"Blue Monday" by Orgy and "On my knees" by Rüfus Du Sol

Guilty Pleasure

Playing cookie run kingdom on my iPad