Tattoo Artist

I started to draw and paint when I was in Youth Authority around the age of 13. It became my daily escape from the world I was in and it was my outlet. I felt safe when my mind was wrapped into every piece I was doing.

I got started tattooing with my step dad when I got out of Youth Authority when I was 18. However my mother didn’t approve, so I moved away to Orange County California.

My goals in my career are to travel, and share my art with other people and fellow artists. Ideally, I would like to get to a place where people come to me for large original pieces, and further develop my style. I specialize in traditional, neotraditional, and black and grey.

Tattoo Style

Traditional, neotraditional, black and grey

Tattoo Minimum


First Tattoo

A rose with wings

Song on Repeat

"Save me" by the Delta Bombers

Guilty Pleasure

Moose tracks ice cream