Tattoo Artist

Hi I'm Phantom :) Let me doodle on you! 

I have always loved art in every form, learning to express myself in ways words just couldn’t. I wanted my life to be art, I wanted to be fulfilled and sustained by it, but could never find the perfect fit until I started tattooing. 

As a kid, nobody tells you you can become a tattoo artist on career day. I spent my days doodling all over my arms and legs, and getting my henna kits confiscated in middle school for giving kids temporary tattoos in class. But, I never once considered that I could put art on people for a living. 

Thank god the glass shattered because I don’t know what I would do without tattooing. There’s something so uniquely beautiful about this art form. Stories end, drawings are thrown away, but tattoos stay with you forever. I love the permanence, and knowing every wonderful human I meet will become a walking art gallery when they leave. Creating a piece as unique as my client; seeing the joy on their face when they see their body adorned with the art they love. This is why I do what I do. 

So come hang out with me and get a tatty :) My favorite things to do are fairies, mystical beings, weapons, women, clowns!, anime, spookies, and odd surrealism <3 

(proudly queer, ASL fluent, Hoh, deaf friendly tattooing🤟)

Tattoo Style

Detailed fine line (specializing in all things creepy cute)

Tattoo Minimum


Song on Repeat

It changes every week but currently “Love Affair” by UMI

Guilty Pleasure

Definitely not guilty about it, but eating a whole pint of ice cream while watching The Jersey Shore



First Tattoo

Zero the ghost pup from Nightmare Before Christmas (unless we count the trash stick & poke flowers I did in high school)