Permanent Makeup Artist

Born and raised in upstate New York, Justine has traveled the world to follow her many artistic passions.

As a M.A.C makeup artist for over a decade, she has taken her skills and talent beyond borders. From New York to Chicago, England and now San Diego she has developed a strong creative range in the industry. As a Makeup Artist, Licensed Esthetician, Certified Lash Trainer, and Permanent Makeup Artist she has far exceeded the industry standards.

“The only thing constant is change, I will forever continue learning my craft.” Late night sketching, designing pigment formulations, fine line details, and continuing education is what she take the up most pride in. Here at Axiom, we are happy to mentor and witness the constant magic she creates for her clients daily.

Tattoo Style

Permanent makeup and fine line

Tattoo Minimum


First Tattoo

A pointless tribal tramp stand when I was 16

Song on Repeat

"Jagged Little Pill." The entire album

Guilty Pleasure

Listening to "Jagged Little Pill" on repeat.