Tattoo Artist

I'm Andrea, aka Dre. I'm a Professional Tattoo Artist from Naples, FL, and have been tattooing for five years.

I finished a Traditional Tattoo Apprenticeship in two years. One year at Famous Tattoos and Body Piercings in Fort Myers, FL, and one year at Lucky Tiger Tattoo in Williamston, NC. I've also self-taught a lot of my techniques with different styles like American Traditional, New School, Illustrative, Chicano Style, and Fine line. I'm passionate about a mixture of styles, but I would love to do more Gamer, Anime, and Comic designs with my style to it.

What I love about tattooing is that it's raw and real, you can't fake it. What you see is what you put into each piece. Each session has its challenges, but when it's all done, the reward is that feeling of deep accomplishment, the look on your client's face, and that final photo. I enjoy connecting with my clients, collaborating with them, and creating art that lasts a lifetime.

Tattooing isn't just about "getting some ink." It's an investment in pain therapy, mental therapy, and spiritual therapy. It's not just a tattoo, it's a vibe.

Tattoo Style

A Variety, but neotraditional is her favorite

Tattoo Minimum


First Tattoo

A sugar skull that she did on her own thigh

Song on Repeat

"No Cigar" by Millencolin

Guilty Pleasure

Loving Moulin Rouge the Musical